About Us

Is it better to get an electric smoker or a gas smoker? How do you use an electric smoker? How do you trim a brisket?

That is why we created the ElectricSmokerHQ Blog for you!

There are so many different brands and things to consider when grilling your meat.

What Can You Find At ElectricSmokerHQ?

Reviews. Information. Recipes. How-To Guides!

It is everything under one roof.

We recommend products with highlights of the features, and pros and cons of each product.


We save you time and money so you can focus on grilling the best brisket.

How Do We Choose Which Products Are Our Favorites?

We don’t choose products that are faulty, has bad ratings, too difficult to operate, or has no reviews.

Our selection process is based on users around the country who have bought and tested the products.

Team of Writers and Editors

The hard work is done by a team of honest, hard-working writers and editors who have gone through many hours of research to find the best products.

They know you want quality reviews so you don’t waste time and money on something that doesn’t work.

The Moment of Truth

When you click our links, we earn a small commission when you buy the product through our link. However, there is no extra charge to you.

We feel proud when we get loyal readers who read our articles and find the right product. Our satisfaction is knowing we are helping users around the country enjoy their meats and vegetables.