9 Best Meat Slicers of 2023


The rise of technology has exhibited multiple improvements nowadays, which has made life easier and more expedient. Part of these modern advancements is the meat slicers. These units are not limited to their functions, as you can also use them to slice numerous vegetables, cheese, and potatoes.  

Gone are the days of hand-slicing meat which indeed is relatively tiresome.

However, thanks to the invention of the best meat slicers. With these units, you can slice your meat to your preferred thickness. In addition, you have plenty of options to choose from, ranging from manual ones to even the newest electrical options. 

Best of all, these devices come with a limited warranty from the brand to cater to any manufacturing defects. 

When you decide to buy a meat slicer, settle on the commercial models considering that these types of slicers have sufficient power and execute their work more conveniently than the typical options on sale. 

Let’s now check out the best meat slicers that have received positive feedback from most previous users.

Top 9 Meat Slicers Comparison Table

PictureNameBlade MaterialBlade DiameterRating (1-5)
1. Chef's Choice 615A Electric Meat SlicerStainless Steel7 inch4.4
2. Elite Platinum EMT625B Meat SlicerStainless Steel7.5 inch4.3
1. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet GrillCarbon Steel10 inch4.7
4. KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat SlicerStainless Steel10 inch4.5
5. Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat SlicerStainless Steel10 inch4.4
6. HomGarden Semi-Auto Commercial Electric Meat SlicerStainless Steel10 inch4.5
7. KWS MS-10NS Commercial Electric Meat SlicerStainless Steel10 inch4.5
8. Zica ZBS-10A Commercial Electric Meat SlicerCarbon Steel10 inch4.5
9. KWS MS-12A Automatic Commercial Electric Meat Slicer Stainless Steel12 inch5

Buyer’s Guide of the Best Meat Slicer

Including a meat slicer as part of your kitchen counter is the best decision ever, primarily if you often buy plenty of meat. These handy units are helpful in many ways.

First, besides their default purpose of slicing through meat, you can also use them to cut potatoes, bread, and other light duties. 

However, choosing the best meat slicer that matches your needs can be a mentally tiresome task, considering the numerous varieties that have flooded the market. Don’t worry; this guide is here to simplify things for you so that you won’t go through the hassle of poking around to check for the unit that suits you. 

We have featured all the factors you need to focus on before finalizing your purchase. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Meat Slicer


The size of the blade is one paramount aspect you must consider before you settle on your preferred meat slicer. It’s recommended that you opt for larger blades, given that they are suitable for cutting through any meat faster. 

Mostly, heavy-duty meat slicers have blades measuring between 13 to 14 inches. So choose a meat slicer based on the type of meat you will slice. 

Safety Features

This aspect almost goes without saying, but it’s one thing that you should factor in whenever you want to buy a meat slicer. Every meat slicer should have safety features that are essential in protecting your hands from unwanted injuries. 

If you want extra protection, you can opt for fancier units with cut-resistant gloves. 

Easy to Clean

No one wishes to have a unit that entails so much maintenance. You ideally want to acquire a meat slicer with removable parts to enhance quick cleaning.

Even as you search for your best option, check the instructions to certify if the unit comes with a cleaning leg because this feature makes cleaning effortless. 


A motor often dictates how effective your meat slicer will be when slicing through meat. That tells you that you must go for a motor with higher horsepower, on account that the more horsepower the motor has, the more powerful it will be. 

Greater horsepower motors are strong enough to be used frequently, unlike the lighter ones, which have a limited time to slice through meat. Therefore, as a general rule, opt for motors with higher horsepower for more sensational results. 

Easy to Use

Meat slicers come in two varieties; automatic and manual. If you are willing to have quick cuts effortlessly, then go for an automatic unit. These specific slicers can cut large amounts of meat without your help. 

Manual meat slicers are also intriguing as they don’t need much prep. 

Size of the Meat Tray

You should factor in this essential aspect as you hunt for a perfect meat slicer. A small meat tray will often require you to keep feeding meat on the tray, which can be somewhat tiresome.

So it’s good to buy larger trays as they will save you time and energy. 


The price of a meat slice fluctuates. If money is not a barrier to budget, opt for fancier units with the best features for your convenience. On the other hand, opt for typical devices if your budget has limits. 

Top 5 Best Meat Slicer Reviews

1. Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

The Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer comes with brilliant features that are a real testament to how perfect it can execute work. Even though it is not sanctioned to handle great tasks, it still has sufficient power to overcome light tasks. 

It also boasts a rigid aluminum body and a plastic guard to ensure that your fingers are safe when slicing meat and other essentials. 

You will also notice that using it doesn’t require prior experience, plus it is very easy to clean. The blade is well-positioned to ensure that the slices are as thin as possible. 

What’s more? This unit has a rustic design, plus it is coated with stainless steel material to ensure that your meat slicer endures a long time of maximum ill-use, plus it makes the surface less exposed to rust and its effects. 

Not to forget, this new bargain integrates a powerful motor that can virtually slice almost all types of meat with ease. 

However, the blades of this device do not guarantee longevity. 

  • It has a robust motor.
  • This unit can make very thin slices of meat.
  • The outer covering is set to extend its lifespan.
  • This unit comes with the newest features for your convenience.
  • Great value.
  • It has safety options to prevent you from chopping off your fingers while working.
  • The price is friendly to all.
  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • The blades are not strong enough to withstand demanding tasks.

2. Elite Platinum EMT-625B Meat Slicer

If you have issues with your budget, then the Elite Platinum EMT-625B Meat Slicer will suit you. This unit doesn’t have enough capacity to cut through some types of meat, but it’s still a welcoming addition to the light chores. 

With the outer aluminum material, you rest assured of maximum protection against rust and other conditions. Also, it serves to extend the lifespan so that it serves you for years to come. 

In addition, it’s very easy to adjust the thickness. A single flick of your wrist is enough to adjust between the thickest and the thinnest setting. 

This product also includes a safety guide to protect your fingers from being sliced as you keep track of food towards the blades. You will also love that it boasts a compact design with a lightweight, making it effortless to move around with. 

  • It is less expensive than other models.
  • It is fortified to add on longevity and also thwart rust and its effects.
  • This unit has a lightweight and compact design.
  • The blades can slice through a variety of meat.
  • You can also use this device to slice through potatoes and other light jobs.
  • It has various options to adjust the thickness and thinner to your preferred liking.
  • It also brags a safety guide for your protection at work.
  • Excellent product.
  • It has restricted functions as it can’t handle all sorts of meat.

3. BESWOOD Commercial Meat Slicer

The BESWOOD Commercial Meat Slicer is a premium food-slicing machine. It has a chromium-plated carbon steel blade, and the high-quality stainless steel slicer body is strong enough for long-term and daily use.

It’s built with 10-inch carbon steel, making it sharp, safe, and long-lasting. The motor is 240 watts, 110-120 volts delivering 1/3 HP blade revolution.

This electric food slicer is amazing because you can slice different kinds of meat, cheese, veggies, and fruits. The blade is carbon steel with chromium plating for durability and protection against rust and corrosion.

The blade slices with low noise, making it ideal for slicing inside or outside your home. Anyone can use it as the blade is very easy to operate.

  • Easy to use
  • Heavy duty
  • Quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • May be a bit difficult to remove the blade

4. KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer

The KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial Electric Meat Slicer will sustain years of maximum use, owing to its solid construction. And in fact, nothing beats a quality tool such as this one from KWS. It comes with sharp blades that offer precise and clean cuts on every slice of meat. 

That’s not all. Given that this unit boasts a 420 watt motor, it makes it exquisite and powerful enough to tackle dozens of meat within a restricted period. You will also enjoy a taste of the safe plastic guard that retracts to keep your fingers secure. 

Above all, you will enjoy an unlimited warranty from the brand if you encounter issues while in use.

However, you need to comply with the companies’ registration procedures before contacting customer service to make a claim.

  • It comes with a warranty to shelter any issues.
  • It is worth the price.
  • Great value.
  • The blades are rigid and sharp enough to bring about clear cuts.
  • The powerful motor will deal with any meat size.
  • The settings are easy to adjust.
  • Using this tool is very easy.
  • Sometimes, it fails to start.

5. Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

The Super Deal Commercial Stainless Steel Semi-Auto Meat Slicer is a high quality stainless steel blade meat slicer that is perfect for home use, caterers, chefs, etc.

It provides 1/3 HP of power so that you can quickly slice up your own meats or vegetables for sandwiches, pizzas, and appetizers. And as a food preparation tool, this meat slicer will be a big help to you.

This slicer allows you to customize your cuts from the 15 different thickness options available. This allows you to create a variety of textures and thicknesses, something that is easily lost during pre-sliced products.

Another benefit of having this control over your cutting is the ability to deliver slices specifically at or below the recommended serving size for certain food items like deli meat or produce.

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Blade is very sharp
  • Quiet
  • Instructions may be hard to understand

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Cut Frozen or Raw Meat With a Slicer?

Some meat slicers can cut through frozen meat while others struggle. Even if it’s possible to cut, sometimes it may damage your blades. So it’s not advisable to cut entirely frozen meat with a slicer.

For instance, electric meat slicers can’t slice through that much-frozen meat without damaging your device. For this reason, it is best to use manual slicing and not electric ones while slicing entirely frozen meats.

Can a Meat Slicer Cut the Cheese?

Indeed, you can use meat slicers to tackle other chores apart from meat. It can slice all kinds of food, such as cheese. So for any food that you intend to cut thinner and much better than a knife, try a meat slicer. 

Can a Meat Slicer Cut Hot Meat?

Yes, you can. When you’re putting hot meat through a meat slicer, the first and most important thing to remember is that the meat should not be too hot for the machine to handle.

Meat is pushed through the machine during operation, so when it’s time to receive your freshly sliced product, simply let the machine do its job and then remove the finished good from the opposite end of the machine you took in your raw ingredient from.

Which Foods Can’t Be Used on a Meat Slicer?

Several foods aren’t sanctioned for use with meat slicers; they include; bony meat, frozen fruits, vegetables, and so much more. By doing so, you will evade issues such as damaging blades and the nearby parts. 

How Often Must Meat Slicers Be Cleaned?

The recommended duration of cleaning a meat slicer is roughly every four hours. It would help if you cleaned your machine as many times as possible when switching meat and other foods because they are bound to stick on the sides of parts.

If not cleaned regularly, the device might get fouled and bring about diseases.

How Thin Can a Meat Slicer Cut?

The cutting ability of a meat slicer varies between each model. Most slicers have modifiable slicing thickness and thinness.

The thinner the thickness of the slice, the more difficult it is for a meat slicer to cut. For instance, a meat slicer can cut from 0.2 mm to 1″ based on the blades. 

How Often Should You Sharpen a Meat Slicer Blade?

When properly cleaned and maintained, a meat slicer blade can perform at a high degree of efficiency without any problems or issues. The durability of meat slicer blades usually depends on how sharp the blade is.

A meat slicer blade must be sharpened once every two weeks to retain the benefits it brings to food. Also, all moving parts must be lubed monthly for effective running. 

Final Thoughts

Are you tired of manually cutting meat? A meat slicer is here to sort out that hassle. Unlike a simple knife, a meat slicer entails less effort and makes the food’s texture softer. 

Get yourself one of these fantastic devices to avoid the previous mess.

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