Best Smelling Firewood


Are you on the market for the best smelling firewood? Whether you need it for a campfire, barbeque, bonfire, or adding some warmth and ambiance to your space, you must know that there are different types of firewood, all meant to produce varying smells, fragrances, and flavors.

That said, which is the most ideal firewood for you to purchase?

To answer this, you must know your preferred firewood scent and look for firewood that is designed to produce that fragrance.

To assist you with that, read on and rest assured to have a clear idea of firewood that will meet your fragrance preference. 

Types of Firewood Scents

There are different types of firewood, and each of these types does not smell the same. For instance, there is firewood that delivers a woodsy, nutty fragrance, fruity and sweet fragrance, and a hint of earthiness fragrance.

To determine the firewood that will please you, keep reading for an introduction to the different types of smells and the wood that you can expect to release this fragrance.

Woodsy Nutty Smell

Firewood that delivers a woodsy nutty smell is often found in actual nut trees. The hardwoods provide a strong earthly aroma with hints of nuttiness and this smell is only detectable by those who know to sniff for it.

Sweet and Fruity Fragrance

Firewood that delivers a sweet and fruity fragrance is derived from apple and pear trees. This firewood provides a scent that is precise but present, given its ability to provide a hint of tangy sweetness.

We recommend using this firewood for cooking as it can provide noticeable fruity undertones to the food.

Classic Woodsmoke Smell

If you need firewood that will provide a smell that is similar to that of a traditional campfire, then you should look for firewood with a classic woodsmoke fragrance. The firewood that provides this smell is derived from hickory and oak trees.

We recommend it for use when smoking or grilling meat to give it a unique barbecue flavor.

Best Smelling Firewood Types

Sweet and Fruity Fragrance Firewood

1. Apple

If you prefer firewood that delivers a sweet and fruity fragrance, apple firewood should be on the top of your list. This firewood produces a light and sweet fragrance similar to that of stewed apples or an apple pie.

Because of the subtly sweet aroma, the smell of apple firewood is a perfect choice when infused in food. Additionally, apple firewood is one of the longest-burning types of firewood, which makes it ideal for cooking heavy meals.

Plus, it has a high heat output of 27 million BTUs thus an excellent choice for firewood that will warm you up.

2. Cherry

Cherry firewood is one of the most popular choices for campfires. It is famous because of its unique and pleasant burning smell.

Unlike apple firewood, cherry produces a richer and tangier fragrance which means that after smelling cherry wood smoke once, you can easily identify it in the future.

Besides the fruity and sweet scent, cherry wood has a high heat output rated at 20.4 million BTUs, which makes it perfect for warming you up. Also, due to the rich blended red colors and beautiful grains, it is excellent for woodworking projects.

3. Pear

If you prefer the fragrance of pear to that of apple, then pear firewood is an exceptional choice. This firewood is similar to that of apple firewood because of its mildly sweet and light scent.

The only difference is that pear provides a mild pear smoke smell and it is a little bit challenging to find than apple firewood.

Classic Woodsmoke Smelling Firewood

4. Hickory

If you need firewood that will provide a classic smoke fragrance, you should purchase hickory as one of the best firewood. Hickory produces an instantly recognizable campfire smell.

Because of its rich aroma, it is one of the best firewood for fireplaces and wood stoves. Adding to that, the firewood can produce 28.6 million BTUs of heat to keep you warm and cozy throughout the night.

5. Oak

Do you love hickory but prefer a more subtle smell produced by it?

If that is the case, Oak is the firewood to purchase. It produces a less intense earthy smoke smell that you would get from hickory thus an excellent choice for those who prefer a milder classic smoke fragrance.

Besides that, the firewood delivers 24 million to 30 million BTUs of heat depending on the type of oak. As a result, it is top-tier firewood that allows you to recall warm and fun-filled summer nights.

6. Mesquite

Another firewood in the classic smoke smell category is mesquite. The firewood provides a typical smoke smell that is pretty recognizable.

Because of the strong and a little bit tangy smell, mesquite is associated with barbeque.

7. Alder

Concluding the list of firewood that produces a classic smoke fragrance is Alder. It is classified as hardwood like oak, mesquite, and hickory.

However, it is quite soft which means that it burns faster thus an excellent choice for aromatic campfires that require the wood to burn quickly.

Alder produces a scent that is similar to that of oak. However, its fragrance is comparatively lighter and sweet-smelling compared to that of oak.

Firewood With a Woodsy Nutty Smell

8. Walnut

Quite similar to hickory, walnut produces deeper earthy smells. However, the smell of walnut is distinct and subtle with a slightly sweet twang.

Walnut produces 22.2 million BTUs which is an excellent heat output coupled with a pleasant smoky aroma.

9. Pecan

Pecan is a type of hickory tree. While hickory is classified among wood that produces a classic woodsmoke smell, pecan produces a unique fragrance which is a more intense sweet flavor instead of a more classic hickory smell.

Crisp Fresh Smelling Firewood

10. Cedar (Juniper)

Cedar is famous for producing a strong sweet but woody scent. The scent is rich, which makes you feel fresh after smelling it.

Adding to that, cedarwood features strong and natural oils that protect it against pests. The oils make it suitable for making kindling and starting fires without sacrificing the relaxing luxurious scent. 

11. Pine

Pine is an excellent choice for firewood for summer, spring, or autumn campfires. It has a low heat output which makes it suitable for use during warm weather. This firewood produces a sweet and crisp aroma that reminds you of the Christmas tree.

The firewood is a light softwood which means that it burns fast, thus not an excellent choice for preparing heavy meals.

12. Birch

Birch trees are commonly grown in the northern hemisphere and colder-climate areas. These trees grow in small and medium sizes and they are available in different colors including silver, gray, black, white, and yellow.

The firewood of birch trees produces a subtle and sweet scent that fills the campsite without dominating it.

Since birch is a softwood, it burns faster than hardwood and it is suitable for making kindling since it ignites fast.

Bad Smelling Firewood to Avoid

Although most trees produce the best smelling firewood, it doesn’t mean that all firewood is worth giving a try. There is firewood that you must completely avoid unless if you will be comfortable around stinky and sewerage scents.

Such firewood includes:

1. Buckeye

Buckeyes are beautiful standing trees commonly found in the Midwestern United States. These trees produce interesting seeds referred to as buckeyes.

Despite the beautiful nature of the trees, their firewood produces an awful smell similar to that of sweaty roadkill. Leaving the firewood to dry completely and seasoning it is a measure that helps to reduce the severity of the smell.

2. Ailanthus

Ailanthus trees are common in Asia but also spreading across North America. These trees are an invasive kind of species that makes people cut them often. When burnt, the firewood of Ailanthus is stinky and quite similar to that of a rotting animal.

To reduce this weird scent, it is better to leave the firewood to dry out completely and season it to reduce the amount of scent.

3. Elm

Elm isn’t an inherently bad-smelling type of firewood. Instead, an Elm tree adopts the smell of the environment it is growing in. The reason is that Elm trees have a habit of absorbing the smell around them.

As a result, if the elm tree is obtained from a location that has lots of unpleasant smells, then its firewood provides the same unpleasant scent.

4. Silver Maple

Silver maple is quite similar to Elm. This tree is designed to produce bad-smelling firewood.

Its weakness is based on that it absorbs the smell of the environment it is growing in which means that if it is growing in an environment with a bad scent, then its firewood is most likely to have an awful smell while burning.

5. Red Oak

Although oak is one of the best smelling firewood, red oak is an exception. It doesn’t have a pleasant smell. Instead, it produces a smell that resembles warm roadkill so you should avoid it at all costs.

If the smell of the red oak is stronger than normal, note that this could be a result of improper seasoning, so you might want to season it to reduce the foul odor.

Top 3 Best Smelling Firewood Reviews

1. Pine Mountain American Home by Yankee Candle Balsam Fir Scented Logs

1. Pine Mountain American Home by Yankee Candle Balsam Fir Scented Logs

Responding to the need for the best smelling firewood for a campfire, fire pit, or fireplace, is the Pine Mountain American Home by Yankee Candle Scented Logs.

These logs are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, thanks to the recycled materials that are safe for use in such setups. In fact, the firewood logs are American-made using nature-inspired products to assure you of getting the best quality and safest firewood.

Reasons to purchase the Pine Mountain American Home by Yankee Candle Scented Logs:

  • Fresh Fragrance

The American Home firewood is a fir scented type of firewood. The logs highlight a winter scent comprising of Balsam and cedar scent. Because of this, they can fill your space with a fresh scent to make it highly welcoming.

  • Ability to Cast a Bright Flame

Besides the ability to produce a fresh fragrance, these fire logs can cast a bright frame. Ideally, the logs highlight a unique split-log shape for dynamic and bright flames.

What’s more, the logs can deliver a 3-hour burn while providing natural warmth and ambiance coupled with big and bold flames.

  • Easy to Start

The American Home by Yankee Candle Scented Logs are easy to start. These logs are completely dried so that they can light faster and burn cleaner without a lot of mess like low-quality firewood.

  • Clean Energy Source

Lastly, these logs are an excellent choice for a clean source of energy. The logs are made of recycled materials.

Because of this, they can burn cleaner with less carbon monoxide making them safe for use around friends and family.

  • The firewood is portable which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor fires
  • It maintains the flame over the whole log
  • The logs burn perfectly and they last for long
  • While burning, the logs release a pleasant smell
  • Quite expensive
  • The scent isn’t too strong

2. Double Tree Forest Products Fire Starter Kindling

The ideal firewood for fireplaces, beachside fire pits, indoor or outdoor stoves is the Double Tree Forest Products Fire Starter firewood. The firewood is safe to use, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t release poisonous gases while burning.

Reasons to Purchase the Double Tree Forest Products Fire Starter Kindling:

  • Different Size Options

The Double Tree Forest Products Fire Starter firewood comes in a variety of sizes. This ranges from 0.5 cubic feet to 3 cubic feet. Thus, you can expect to choose the firewood in sizes that meet your needs.

Besides that, a box of 3 cubic feet contains 460 to 480 pieces of 11.5” long firewood so that you can use them for approximately 90 fires.

  • Wonderful Cedar Scent

Something else that makes this firewood worth the purchase is the ability to produce a wonderful scent. The kindling is harvested from cedar trees enabling them to produce a wonderful cedar scent while burning.

  • Ability to Light Up Fast

Finally, if you need firewood that will light up fast, this is an excellent choice. The cedar wood is sundried, and thanks to the internal resin, you can expect it to light up fast and deliver a wonderful aroma.

  • Dry firewood catches fire fast and easily
  • It smells nice
  • The firewood comes in a package that is neatly arranged
  • Not the best choice when you need wood in the fatwood category

3. Zorestar Oak Apple Smoker Wood Chunks of Natural Wood for Smoking

Last but not least we have the Zorestar Oak Apple Smoker Wood Chunks. This firewood is an excellent choice for people who need the best smelling firewood for smoking.

The firewood doesn’t have any pesticides or chemicals, which makes it safe to use. Furthermore, the fire logs are well seasoned and designed to deliver clean smoke for guaranteed user safety.

Reasons to purchase the Zorestar Oak Apple Smoker Wood Chunks:

  • Compatible With a Variety of Smokers

Whether you need good-smelling firewood for charcoal grills, campfires, outdoor stoves, indoor fireplaces, or beachside fire pits, the Zorestar Oak Apple Smoker Wood Chunks are an excellent option.

The wood chunks are compact at 2” to 3”. Because of this, they are suitable for smoking meat in such kinds of smokers.

  • Natural and Safe Firewood

Another benefit of the Zorestar Oak Apple Smoker Wood Chunks is the safe design. These wood chunks are 100% natural and safe since they do not contain harmful additives.

Because of this, they are suitable for smoking your food without a safety concern.

  • Suitable for Smoking Food

If your best smelling firewood is for a person who is fond of smoking food, the Zorestar Oak Apple Smoker Wood Chunks are an excellent choice.

The wood chunks are derived from oak and apple tree which means that you can expect them to burn for long and provide a dark color that is required when smoking the meat.

  • The wood chunks produce intense smoke and a bold flavor suitable for smoking food
  • The firewood burns hot to let you use a few chunks when smoking your meat
  • It is delivered in a package that comprises a lot of bark
  • The firewood is a bit pricey

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Burn in My Fireplace to Make it Smell Good?

Well, you can burn the best smelling firewood reviewed above and expect your fireplace to smell good.

However, you can still choose to burn dried fruit, dried sage wands, or cinnamon sticks and expect them to release a pleasant scent that will fill the house and leave the fireplace smelling nice.

What Firewood Dries the Fastest?

Wood that falls in the softwood category or firewood with low moisture content. Such firewood includes fir, poplar, pine, or willow.

Why Does My Firewood Smell Like Vinegar?

If your firewood smells like vinegar, there is a high chance that it was obtained from a tree that released acetic acid after being cut. Acetic acid is a component of vinegar and it is usually released by healthy trees.

What is the Best Size for Firewood?

Ideally, there is no best size of firewood for everyone. To know the best size for firewood for you, you should consider the place you will be using it and get a size that covers a big area of the fireplace.

However, the standard length of firewood is 16” while the standard width is 3”-6”.

Is it Bad to Smell Burning Wood?

We wouldn’t say that it is bad to smell burning wood but we don’t recommend it. Emissions from wood smoke can get into the eyes and respiratory system resulting in illnesses like asthma, coughing, wheezing, among others.

Is it OK for Firewood to Get Rained on?

We recommend that you store your firewood out of the rain. Although seasoned firewood dries within a few days after getting rained on, storing the firewood out of the rain is the best bet to prolong its durability and to protect it from going bag.

What Wood Burns With the Least Smoke?

Softwoods. Unlike hardwood, softwoods burn with the least smoke. When it comes to the real types, we recommend wood like maple, hickory, oak, and ash as good examples of firewood that burns with the least smoke.

What is the Best Way to Season Firewood?

We recommend stacking the firewood in a place where it gets exposed to the sun and wind. To season your firewood in the best way, split it into thinner widths and stack it during the season when the sun and wind are adequate.

The sun warms the firewood so that the moisture can evaporate while the winds whisk it away from the firewood.

Can You Season Firewood Indoors?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. The best place to season your firewood is in the sunlight so that it can release all moisture. Seasoning your firewood indoors will risk termites getting into your space and this process can take a very long time.

How Can You Tell if Firewood is Seasoned?

When the firewood displays dark color and it is lighter in weight than wet wood. Ideally, seasoned firewood should not have any visible green color.

Moreover, such firewood tends to be cracked at the ends and when you hit two pieces together, the woods produce a hollow sound. 


Clearly, there isn’t one particular best smelling firewood for everyone. Instead, you are required to determine your preferred smell and look for firewood that falls in that category so that you can pick firewood that will release a pleasant scent meant to please you.

Besides the sweet smell, you will do yourself some good when you consider the heat output, ease of splitting, and the amount of smoke that is released when burning so that you can pick firewood that will work best for you.

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