7 Best Smoker Thermometers of 2023


As an avid griller and smoker, I know the importance of having a reliable thermometer to get perfectly cooked meat. Using a smoker thermometer not only ensures that your meat is cooked to the correct temperature but also provides peace of mind, knowing that you’re serving safe and delicious food to your family and friends.

However, with so many smoker thermometers on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. In this article, I’ll share my top picks for the best smoker thermometers available, as well as what to consider when making your choice.

So, let’s dive in and find the perfect thermometer to help take your grilling and smoking game to the next level.

Top 7 Best Smoker Thermometers

PictureProductPriceRating (1-5)
HAUEA Meat Thermometer (Editor’s Choice)$$4.5
Soraken Meat Thermometer
MEATER Smart Meat Thermometer$$$4.5
NutriChef Smart Meat Thermometer $$4.6
Inkbird IBT-4XS Wireless Thermometer$$4.6
ThermoPro TP20 wireless food thermometer $$4.6
ThermoPro TP19 Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer$4.7


Best Value (Editor’s Choice)

HAUEA Meat Thermometer

Package includes:
✔ 6 meat probes
✔ 1 Bluetooth meat thermometer
✔ Probe clip holder
✔ Storage case
✔ Manual
✔ Smart App (App Store/Google Play)

Starting strong on the list is going to be the Editor’s Choice, the HAUEA Meat Thermometer. This is going to be the best overall bang for your buck considering all the features it comes with and the price of the product. 

The HAUEA Meat Thermometer also comes with a proprietary app. This app allows you to pre-set a temperature you want your food to reach and then it will alarm you through your phone when it’s reached this temperature. 

Additionally, this thermometer comes with 11 different “meat modes” to perfectly handle a variety of different meats and smoking methods that you want to use. You can walk up to 100 feet away from the smoker with your phone and it will still notify you of the status of all the different things you’re smoking.  

This digital cooking thermometer can almost do it all, even with a smoker full of a variety of different meats. For those who host large parties or cater, this might be the best choice because you can set your desired temperatures and then move on to preparing other dishes for your party with no worries.

  • 6 different probes for a variety of different items smoking at one time
  • A Bluetooth thermometer that connects to your phone
  • A proprietary app that helps monitor your food and notifies you when they’re done
  • Fair pricing for all the features
  • Comes with 11 different meat modes, depending on what you’re cooking
  • 1-year warranty from the company
  • Max temperature: 716 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Some customers have encouraged testing them with control and variable temperature before smoking to ensure they’re reading true temperatures before smoking anything


Best For Cooking Multiple Items

Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer

Package includes:
✔ 4 colorful meat probes
✔ 1 meat thermometer
✔ Manual
✔ Smart App (App Store/Google Play)

Coming in at a very close second is the Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer. This meat thermometer would have taken the number one spot except it just lacked a few features that the Editor’s Choice had. This doesn’t take away from the immaculate quality that this product offers.

The Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer comes with 4 colorful meat probes to help with cooking a variety of different meats. It closely can relate to the HAUEA meat thermometer because it has an app that allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the thermometer’s displays so you can monitor your food on the go. 

The main difference between this product and Editor’s Choice pick is simply only offering 4 probes instead of 6, which is still a minor difference. The Soraken also comes with 11 different meat modes, from turkey, fish, vile, beef, lamb, and chicken to even hot or cold smoke and BBQ smoking options. 

It takes away all potential worries for serving any questionable temperature meats while also allowing you to be as hands-off as possible. The kitchen can be a really busy place and the Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer can take off some of that stress, so you can focus on other dishes while still serving top-quality smoked meat!

  • Comes with 4 probes and a Bluetooth thermometer that can connect to your phone
  • The thermometer is magnetic, meaning that you can stick it to your grill or smoker
  • Can go up to 100-170ft away from the grill with mobile device depending if you’re in or outdoor
  • Max temperature: 572 degrees Fahrenheit
  • If not used for a long time, batteries may need to be replaced due to no “off” switch in the thermometer itself


Best for the Minimalist

MEATER Smart Meat Thermometer

Package includes:
✔ 1 meat probe
✔ 1 meat thermometer
✔ Smart App (App Store/Google Play)

Sometimes simplicity is best when looking for a new addition to your arsenal. The MEATER smart thermometer delivers a simple setup and design while simultaneously being a high-tech smoking thermometer. This thermometer is for the minimalist because it has absolutely no wires! 

It comes with a single probe that has dual sensors integrated into it and a charging station, it’s pretty simple. The probe has two different sensors built inside it that can measure the internal and external temperatures of the meat. It reads the external by taking the temperature of the direct heat on the direct outside of the meat. 

You can place the wireless probe in the charging dock when you’re done cleaning it. It also acts as a Bluetooth extender allowing you to walk almost 200 feet away from the grill with your smartphone. Another cool small feature is it has a hanger built on the top of it so you can hang the charging station on the handle of your grill. 

This thermometer is for those who only like to cook one thing at a time or just don’t like to mess with all the wires that often come with thermometer probes. The price is slightly higher than other quality thermometers, but the simple design and high-quality technology make up for it greatly.

  • Simple set-up and design
  • One probe w/ 2 sensors in one (internal & external temperature check)
  • Can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to monitor while smoking
  • Charging dock also access as a Bluetooth extender
  • Max temperature: 212 degrees Fahrenheit internal/ 527 degrees Fahrenheit external
  • The probe is dishwasher safe
  • 100% wireless, no probes at all
  • Only one probe
  • Will need access to a smartphone, otherwise can’t use it
  • Price is on the higher end


Best For The Smoker On A Budget

NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

Package includes:
✔ 1 meat probe
✔ 1 meat thermometer
✔ Smart App (App Store/Google Play)

The NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer is best for the tech-loving smoker on a budget. It is heavily dependent on using Bluetooth and an app to monitor your meat’s progress. 

It comes with the option for a single or double probe and a Bluetooth connectivity device. The probes come with a 32-inch cable that allows you to safely place the Bluetooth connector away from the heat of the grill. 

This smart thermometer will be the most economical on the list. For those who are on a budget, but also like the freedom that comes with cooking with technology, this product can really prove to be a great choice.

  • Lower Price
  • Bluetooth capable
  • 32” cables on probes
  • The app allows you to choose how well-done you want your meat to be
  • Max temperature: 482 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Requires having a smartphone to use the thermometer


Best For Precise Cooking 

Inkbird IBT-4XS Wireless Thermometer

Package includes:
✔ 3 meat probes
✔ 1 oven probe
✔ 1 meat thermometer
✔ Manual
✔ Smart App (App Store/Google Play)

The Inkbird thermometer is best for those looking to get specific with their smoking thermometer capabilities. The Inkbird comes with a variety of different features that can truly enhance your smoking experience and allow for a much more specific result. 

This thermometer comes with 3 meat probes, 1 ambient probe, 1 smart meat thermometer, and a charging cable. The 3 meat probes will monitor the internal temperature of the meat you’re cooking while the ambient probe monitors the temperature just on the outside of the meat. 

The smart thermometer has an LED display and Bluetooth capability to connect to your smartphone via their app. The thermometer has 12 different meat modes depending on what you’re cooking. It can even help monitor your food’s temperature depending on how well you want it done.

  • Bluetooth capability
  • LED Display on the thermometer
  • Magnetic thermometer to attach to grill or smoker
  • 3 meat probes, 1 ambient probe
  • 12 different meat modes
  • Can choose how well you want the meat smoked
  • Can be charged while being used
  • Can be used with or without your smartphone
  • Max Temperature: 482 degrees Fahrenheit (for long-term cooking/ 572 degrees Fahrenheit (for short-term smoking)
  • Higher in price


Best All-in-One

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Food Thermometer

Package includes:
✔ 1 portable monitor
✔ 2 meat probes
✔ 1 meat thermometer
✔ Manual

The ThermoPro is best for those looking for one place for all your smoking thermometer needs. This thermometer is great for those who may not have the highest budget and want to get the most out of their thermometer.

Precision is key when it comes to smoking and ensuring you can cover all aspects of writing means, your meat will come out perfect every time. 

This thermometer comes with 2 probes, 1 smart thermometer, and 1 portable monitor. The monitor allows you to walk up to 300 feet away from the grill while still being able to effectively monitor the meat temperatures. 

The thermometer is designed to be able to choose the target temperature you want your meat to achieve by choosing from one of 11 different meat modes. Additionally, the thermometer can indicate when the meat is done based on the doneness you want.

  • Bluetooth capable
  • Monitor capable up to 300 feet from the thermometer
  • Dual probe
  • 11 different meat modes, capable of choosing different doneness
  • Only capable of handling 2 probes at a time


Best Instant Reader

ThermoPro TP19 Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer

Package includes:
✔ 1 meat probe
✔ 1 meat thermometer
✔ Manual

For those who don’t want the added stress of working with cables and different features, the ThermoPro instant reader may be for you. Instant readers are for the stress-free smokers or the veterans who know what they need and want a little bit of accurate help along the way. 

This smoking thermometer comes with only itself and that’s it, which makes it easy on storage and usability. Simply open it to turn it on and close the thermometer to turn it off, the 3000-hour battery life should last for many smoking sessions to come. 

Once placed in the meat, this thermometer can give accurate readings in only 2-3 seconds. The probe is about 2 inches long, and then the whole thermometer is designed to work with the odd angles that often come with meat and is even friendly to left-handed users!

  • Small and easily stowed away
  • Gives readings in 2-3 seconds
  • Waterproof for easy cleaning
  • 3000-hour battery life
  • Turns on/off by itself, no accidentally leaving it on
  • No cables or extra monitors
  • Won’t notify you when the food is ready or any other useful features

Frequently Asked Questions

What About Infrared Thermometers?

Technology has sprouted over the years and cooking utensils have become more and more high-tech. Part of this advancement has been the introduction of infrared thermometers. 

These thermometers allow you to keep a safe working distance while checking the temperature of the food you’re cooking. However, when it comes to smoking meats, this can be a real issue. The biggest issue that infrared thermometers pose is their inability to measure internal temperatures. 

Not being able to measure internal cooking temperatures is completely ineffective when smoking meat. Meat is often measured by its internal temperature because if undercooked, the meat can be unsafe to eat, whereas too high of an internal temperature is a total bust. 

Infrared thermometers are a cool aspect of cooking thermometers, but having physical probes penetrate past the external layer of meat is essential. Perhaps as time passes, the technology can advance to more accurate readings, but for now, play it safe and stick with the probes.

How do I Set Up a Wireless Thermometer and What is the Best Position for Probes?

Setting up a wireless thermometer can look very intimidating, but rest assured that it’s far from difficult. 

  1. Ensure all monitors have batteries 
  2. Turn on monitors and apps 
  3. Connect phones/monitors to the smart thermometer via Bluetooth capability 
  4. Begin smoking! 

Most wireless thermometers have manuals showing the exact directions to connect and properly use your meat thermometer.

Probe Placement

When it comes to placing probes, there are several ways to properly place them in the meat, depending on what you’re cooking. The best rule of thumb is to place the probe into the thickest part of the meat because it will make those areas the longest to be cooked properly. 

For more accurate readings on poultry, probes should be tested throughout the whole bird otherwise, you run a high risk of getting Salmonella.

When cooking thinner meats like a burger or steak, place the probe on the side of the meat and push it in to be as close to the center as possible. This will give the best reading possible because the center will be the hardest to properly cook through, depending on how well done you want it. 

Some things to keep in mind when placing probes:

  • Ensure they are secured in place, and there isn’t a risk of losing them during cooking. 
  • Try to touch as much meat as possible while avoiding things like bone and fat that can greatly affect the temperature readings. 

For more information on how to use probes, watch this video.

How to Best Avoid Destroying Your New Thermometer?

Treating your new thermometer carefully is the best way to avoid destroying it. Your manual will outline all the best practices when using the thermometer. 

Some things to keep up on are ensuring that they are:

  • Properly cleaning after every use
  • Not exceeding thermometer-specific temperature max’s 
  • Being careful not to drop or mishandle the thermometer when not using it. 

What do I Look For in a Smoker Thermometer?

There are various things to look for when finding a smoker thermometer. The most important aspect is to consider what you want from your thermometer. 

Not all thermometers have the same features, and all have vastly different prices depending on these features. Finding your budget features you need to have, and features you could go without are all great ways to narrow down your list. 

If you’re still having issues deciding after that, then you can take into account what you intend on smoking and those thermometers which will best serve you.


Deducing that you want to introduce a smoking thermometer to your arsenal is a great way to enhance your smoking experience. They are such a powerful tool that many take for granted because of how precise they can get. 

Smoking can be a stressful and chaotic process, and thermometers can eliminate a lot of that stress because they can tell you exactly when your food is done without a second thought. Consider buying a thermometer to start delivering more accurate results and carry more confidence in your smoking abilities. 

Your guests will remember you for how amazing that brisket was instead of how dry and chewy it could have been!

Bobby Johnson

When he's not writing about barbecue, you can find Bobby smoking meat for friends and family. He's been a backyard pitmaster for roughly half his life, and has worked with nearly every cut of meat. Not everyone has a hands-on guide to teach them BBQ, but that's what Bobby hopes to do with Electric Smoker HQ. He wants to help people create amazing food that they can be proud of.