How to Use a Smoker Box?


A smoker box allows you to smoke your meat without having to endure the hassle of having to monitor it while it smokes continuously. A properly seasoned smoker box will require minimal maintenance and give you consistent results, ensuring that you take home a delicious smoked meal every time.

The good news is that no complicated method is involved in using a smoker box as long as you follow the steps in this article.

Preparing Your Smoker Box

Ensure the wood chips or chunks used have been soaked for at least half an hour before placing them inside the locker. Never use wet chips on hot coals because this may destroy your fire.

Avoid using water on smoking chips until just before it’s ready for use since this will make the chips soggy and may even make them catch fire on their own.

Placing Your Smoker Box in The Locker and Preparing the Smoke Generator

To place your smoker box inside the locker, simply slide it through the door until you hear a click indicating it has been properly locked. After placing your smoker box inside, be sure to fill up your smoke generator.

This will help with temperature regulation and ensure enough gas for cooking later on.

Trim the Wood Chips or Chunk Pieces

This step requires minimal attention since all you need to do is cut off any excess wood pieces by using an axe or knife so that they have an equal length of around 3/4″ each.

However, do not cut the wood pieces too small; they will burn up in your smoker box and release heavy smoke that may ruin your meat.

Smoking Time

Add around 1/2 lb of pre-soaked wood chips for every hour of smoking time you intend to have for ample flavor.

This means that if you plan on cooking a 120 pounds piece of meat, it will require at least 10 hours of smoking time, so prepare accordingly by having plenty of soaked wood chips ready to go before putting your food inside the locker compartment.

Make sure that the grills are turned off and only turn them on when adding more wood chips into your smoker box while your meat is cooking. This will help you save on gas and add delicious flavor to your barbecue.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use a Smoker Box

Smoking is an art that is usually mastered only after years of practice and experience. However, with the help of this article, you can certainly get started on your first try at smoking food items.

It covers almost every single detail about using a smoker box which works great in grills.

Make sure to take notes because it contains some very important tips for ensuring safety and successful food smoking in no time.

  1. Wash your hands before handling raw meat or seafood otherwise bacteria could become trapped inside.
  2. Keep your smoker box away from open flames or hot objects such as the grill itself because they can damage it.
  3. Do not cover anything inside completely or you could end up with food that is burnt in patches where some parts are covered and others are not so check regularly for stripes of charring.
  4. Learn how to reduce smoke by partially covering your smoker box while loading it with fresh meat.
  5. Open the lid early when cooking seafood items like fish fillets since they tend to disintegrate easily which can be fixed by allowing them to cook at a lower temperature or longer time amount than other meats.
  6. If you want food cooked more on one side, use aluminum foil topped over those particular sides because it makes cook evenly and more effectively.
  7. Do not turn food over or mix it after 5 minutes because this can cause juices to escape from the cuts which could make the overall texture of food less enjoyable as well as dry out some pieces too much.
  8. Keep an eye on your smoker box so that you know when to put in new wood chips for creating more smoke but avoid adding them before 10 minutes since they take time for soaking into smoke.
  9. Try experimenting with different types of smoking wood chips and perhaps add a little bit of water so that smoke is extinguished totally once you’re done using them instead of having a bunch left inside unused.
  10. Be careful when handling hot surfaces because they can be very dangerous especially if you have pets, children or guests visiting.
  11. Clean your smoker box regularly so that it doesn’t get rusty or sticky especially if you live near the sea or other humid areas because this can make food soaking for hours in its own juices which is not healthy at all.
  12. Keep fresh water around while smoking to prevent dehydration and overheating because both are very dangerous when it comes to handling any sort of heat source, including smoke itself.
  13. Avoid using aluminum foil completely unless you want food to be cooked on one side only since this metal contains chemicals that can seep into the food from staying too long under high temperature.
  14. Use tongs and spoons made out of wood instead of steel or plastic because they won’t rust over time like those materials.
  15. If you are going to be smoking food on a pan then make sure its coated with oil or fat so that the juices can evaporate, otherwise they will be absorbed by it which will give your food an unpleasant texture and taste.
  16. Do not smoke food for too long because this could actually ruin it instead of making it better let’s say if you try to preserve fish fillets for days on end inside a smoker box due to lack of refrigeration, chances are that they would become rotten eventually.
  17. Understand how water temperatures work in different meats such as chicken shouldn’t be heated above 60 degrees Celsius or 135 degrees Fahrenheit at most because any temperature over this range can cause bacteria growth which is pretty dangerous if consumed for long periods of time.
  18. Do not add meat that is already cooked since this can cause it to become dry and overcooked, make sure the internal temperature is above 62 degrees Celsius or 145 degrees Fahrenheit when you put into smoker box otherwise bacteria will take over its texture inside.
  19. Make sure your food isn’t dehydrated before putting it on the grill; otherwise, juices won’t flow properly, which leads to less absorption from them by meats as well as an overall unpleasant taste.
  20. Keep flammable objects away in case something catches fire because this can be very difficult for anybody so do your best to prevent unwanted combustion from happening in the first place.
  21. When you are all done using your smoker box, clean it thoroughly with soap and water then dry it, if you live near the sea or a place where humidity is high, try using a few drops of vinegar to clean its surface instead of water.
  22. If at all possible, use an electric smoker box because they are safer than charcoal because there aren’t any open flames around thus preventing food from becoming burnt which can be very dangerous for your health in the long run.
  23. Don’t forget to turn off your smoker box once you’re done smoking foods because this will prevent overheating and potential fire accidents as well as keep smoke flowing smoothly inside by keeping fresh wood chips soaked with smoke coming through it all the time.

What are the Different Kinds of Wood for Smokers?

Many different kinds of wood are used to smoke foods, but the most popular and readily available woods include Mesquite, Hickory, Applewood, Cherry, Pecan, and Oak.

All of these woods have distinct flavor profiles and smoking times, so make sure you research how long each one takes to get a good smoky flavor from it.

What Kind of Smoker Box is Best and How to Assemble It?

Three main kinds of wood chip boxes are metal, ceramic, or bamboo. Many people find that the ceramic ones are the best because they do not rust or need to be replaced like other types.

Although you can buy a pre-made smoker box, most pitmasters prefer to make one for themselves as this will give them the flexibility they need when cooking their foods.

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