Common Traeger Error Codes


A Traeger grill is a grill that uses a gas burner to cook food. This grill has been designed to provide a more controlled cooking environment and create high-quality grilled meals with fewer flare-ups.

A Traeger grill is different from other types of grills because it uses a gas burner to cook food. This means there is little chance of flare-ups, and the cooking process is more controlled. Other types of grills use an electric heating element or charcoal, which can lead to uncontrollable flare-ups that can burn food and cause smoke in the air.

Traeger grills are one of the most unusual here. They have premium features that are not commonly found in other grills. These grills use pellets. The ones that are added to the fire pot automatically, you don’t even have to add them separately.

Traeger Grill is an electric device that has a self-diagnostic function. If any error occurs in the Traeger Grill, this self-diagnostic function displays the error codes indicating these errors. To understand these error codes of Traeger Grill and find the solution, follow common Traeger Grill error codes and their solutions.

Basics of Traeger Error Codes

Traeger has to be used by humans for at least the last 30 years. Focus on food from the grill came from a human mind that wants to be focused on food from the grill. Traeger focused on ​​ensuring that a person spends as little time as possible on other things that are more important to the grill.

A company called Oregano is in front of achieving the goal of inventing such a Traeger. The company has made it easy to use Traeger grills by using technology to attach Traeger Grills to modern times.

Common Traeger Grill Error Codes

Although Traeger Grill is quite capable of understanding and informing you in a timely manner, what is wrong with it?

But to understand the flaws in Traeger Grill, you must first understand its codes. Below we will provide you with an explanation of the Traeger Grill error codes and the appropriate information regarding their solution.

Traeger HEr Error Code

The Traeger HEr code that occurs in Traeger Grill indicates the error that occurs during high temperatures. You will see this type of code error when the temperature of your Traeger exceeds a certain limit. If the temperature of your Traeger exceeds 550 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 seconds or more. Once heated to this temperature, the auger will be shut by Traeger Grill, and the process of cooling it with the help of a fan is also started.

You will see this error when the temperature of the Traeger Grill drops below 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So the auger will run the fan for two minutes to cool the coals in the Traeger Grill. If you encounter this problem, you can easily avoid this problem with the help of Traeger P settings.

The appearance of such HEr codes can also lead to errors in the Traeger Grill, which you need to remove on time. Low-grade pellets may have been used to grill meat in the grill. Adding low-grade pellets does not burn the pellets properly in the grill, and Traeger Grill displays the HEr code.

If you want to get the best out of this error after dealing with this problem with Traeger Grill, close the grill for a while. If there are any pellets in the firepot, remove them too.

After a while, you must fill the pellets in the firepot to run the grill again. Here is another sign of the appearance of the code. The meat you put on the grill is not in good condition. So make sure the meat you put in the Traeger Grill is standard.

Traeger LEr Error Code

The Traeger LEr error code stands for “Low Error Reading.” The Traeger LEr code is actually due to the very low-temperature level of your grill. This is the exact opposite of a HEr code error. The main reason the LEr error code appears is that your grill temperature has dropped below 125 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 10 minutes.

Sometimes this code should bother you when you want to cook your food on high heat. 

When you cook your food or meat at a low heat temperature, you don’t worry about the appearance of this error code on your grill. It is because your food will cook easily at 125 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is no risk of your food spoiling.

Often such a Traeger LEr code will cause Traeger Grill to close automatically. You will have to run the grill to get it used again, but you must also clean your grill firepot from pellets before running the grill.

Your grill temperature drops when the quality of the pellets in the grill is not good. The next time you start using pellets for the grill, you should check their quality carefully so that such LEr code error does not happen again.

In addition to the potential debris in your grill that could cause less ventilation for your grill, there is a risk of such LEr code errors appearing. You should check the ventilation issue thoroughly before using the grill and clean the ventilated areas to avoid possible error codes.

Some of the reasons for the Grill’s low temperature may be that the amount of pellets you put in for burning is low. It is possible that you did not notice the number of pellets in the grill before running it. So make sure that the grill you want to run to prepare your curry has a low amount of pellets that provide the temperature. 

Also, the temperature in the area where you are using the Traeger Grill should be quite cold, which may have caused the grill’s low temperature, Traeger Grill, to drop. Also, make sure that the place where you are using the Traeger Grill does not have a temperature that increases the freezing point.

Traeger ERR/ER1 Error Code

This type of Traeger ERR/ER1 code that appears in Traeger Grill is visible when your grill temperature sensing device fails to note the temperature of your Traeger Grill. The ERR/ER1 Traeger Grill Error Code usually appears when the RTD, the instrument measuring the resistance grill temperature, fails to display any kind of temperature report on the device.

To get rid of the ERR/ER1 Traeger Grill Error Code, you must ensure that the probe is not loose. If the probe in your grill is loose, fix it. But if you do not know how to fix the probe, then get help from someone who can fix it, or you can buy a new probe and install it.

Other Common Issues With Traeger Grills

There are other common problems with Traeger Grills that you may encounter while cooking on the grill. We will also provide you with specific information regarding these issues. And provide information on how to solve these problems.

Abnormal Temperature Swings

It is not uncommon for Traeger Grills to have a temperature of 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which you have selected for cooking.

Also, remember the temperature you set for cooking on the grill. The purpose of raising the temperature is to grill the average time.

No Pellets in the Fire Pot

When your grill controller sees the system, it throws the pellets from the rotating top to the fire pot to raise the grill’s temperature. This is a kind of excellent and annoying system, which is fixed in the grill. It also takes some time for such a system to malfunction.

When this system breaks down, it prevents the pellets from reaching the fire vessel. And is responsible for lowering your grill temperature or slowing down your cooking. To deal with such a problem, you must also clear out auger tunnel. And you can do that when you separate the grill hopper and auger.

Fire Goes Out from Traeger Grill

There are some reasons why Traeger Grills can catch fire. One of the main causes of grill fires is some kind of hole in it. We need to find it and shut it down. And the other main reason is the pellets bought for grills, which are not of good quality. Based on my experience, I urge you to buy the best and standard pellets every time.

Another major cause of fires in Traeger Grills could be your electrical connection. Another reason is the fan in your grill, which can push the fire out of the grill. This is because your grill fan does not work properly or stops working.

Traeger Grill Not Lighting

The auger in the Traeger Grill is turning, and the pellets are falling into the firepots, but the light on the device on the grill is off. Here’s an easy way to solve this problem. This is because the igniter is not working properly. It is best to try to burn the grill without pellets.

Also, remove the heat diffuser, drip pan, and grates from the firepot. The tip of the igniter that comes with it should look clear red to you. If not, then there is a problem with your grill. Then call Traeger to resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Fix the LEr Code on my Traeger?

The design of the Traeger is made to be relatively straightforward to use, but occasionally something goes wrong and causes an error code. When this happens, a user can diagnose the issue and make a quick fix quickly. 

To make Traeger Grill better and heal faster, put more pellets in the pellet pot and remember that the pellets you put should be of high quality. This will save you time and energy and eliminate your grill’s error code. Moreover, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

Take a look at the grill fans, air holes, temperature boxes, and other parts to ensure you know exactly what the problem is with the grill. Your grill is not working properly.

Where is the RTD Temperature Sensor?

RTD Temperature Sensor. This is a 2″ or 7″ vertical rod inside the grill. Used in non-Wi-Fi enabled (AC) grills. If you want to see where the RTD is located inside the grill, you will find it attached to a hopper inside the barrel.

What is the Main Issue of a Traeger Not Smoking?

There are many reasons why Traeger Grill should not be smoked, but the main one is this. The main reason may be the way the grill is run. You are not able to perform this procedure correctly.

How Do You Fix a High Temp Error on a Traeger?

To remove the Traeger Grill High Temp Error, you must clean the fireplace. Then you need to place 5-10 pellets in it. And then, you have to run the Traeger Grill with the lid closed so that the grill can work properly. If you do not follow this procedure well, the temperature of Traeger Grill will be high, and your cooking process may be affected.

How Do I Reset My Traeger?

Here’s how to put one together for use with Traeger Grill:

  • First, click on the menu on Control Panel.
  • Then hold down the IGNITE button until the Traeger logo appears.
  • Now turn off Traeger Grill.
  • After waiting 5 to 10 seconds, turn on Traeger Grill again.

Here’s how to put one together for use with your Traeger Grill.

What is P Setting on Traeger?

The “P-Setting” setting in the Traeger Grill is reserved for the Grill Pass set. Which are used on old-type grills. The main purpose of using P-Setting is to monitor the grill’s temperature when used in extremely hot or cold temperatures.


Traeger Grill helps you cook. You may have problems with the Traeger Grill malfunctioning or not working properly. In this article, we have provided information on Traeger error codes and four potential issues. Following the steps outlined in this article can benefit from using Traeger Grill for years.

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