Traeger Won’t Turn On: Traeger Grill Troubleshooting Guide


What if your Traeger ever fails you? The grill may sometimes fail, even though it’s in good working condition. What do we need to do when the appliance doesn’t turn on?

A few things can go wrong with this grill, even if it is in good working condition. First of all, make sure that your power cord isn’t damaged or has faulty connections, and also check if anything else in conjunction with these parts might need service.

In this article, we’ll review some tips on diagnosing any issues that might be happening so you’ll know what needs fixing.

Understand How the Whole System Works

If the Traeger grill does not turn on, it may be due to the electronic components. The Traeger grill has three electronic components: the auger, hot rod, and fan. The fan circulates air within the grill component, thus encouraging the pellets to burn effectively, releasing the smoke into the cooking area.

The auger transports the pellets from the hopper to the combustion chamber and regulates the number of pellets that burn at a specific time. You can burn pellets that release specific smoke amounts into the food using the auger. The hot rod heats the pellets in the combustion chamber, thus releasing the smoke into the food.

The controller panel controls all these electronic grill components; thus, the grill might not turn up when there is a faulty connection. The controller is also connected to the temperature sensor, which controls the internal grill temperature.

It uses rhea feedback from the temperature sensors and adds more pellets to the combustion chamber as needed.

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Check the Power Source

Sometimes the power source would be the problem; this may be true, especially if you connect your grill to a new power source. The Traeger grill would need 110V power, and if the power source does not have the needed voltage, you can use a 12V to 110V to boost the power source.

Moreover, you should ensure the inverter is in good working condition to supply the power to your appliance.

When cooking on your patio, you should ensure the breaker in the home master panel works as needed. A tripped breaker may not supply the needed power for your grill. There might be potential damage from pets or lawnmowers on the electric cables in the backyard.

Moreover, you may damage the cables if you move the grill over the cables leading to faulty connections. Thus, you should not presume the power source and cables are not where the issue is, thus ensuring the power source supplies the needed electricity to power the Traeger grill.

If the power source works but the grill does not turn on, the grill components might be the issue. If the internal breaker trips, the grill will not turn up, and you can check the internal breaker to be unsure if it works well.

Moreover, a compromised controller may impact the other electrical components like the auger, hot rod, and fan. Thus fixing the controller ensures the appliance turns on when needed. Moreover, issues with the internal power cables might impact how the grill.

Check the Internal Fuse in the Grill

The internal fuse protects the Traeger grill when a power surge might damage the appliance. This fuse is on the rear of the controller board. However, you may find the fuse in a black cylindrical container on the lower side of the panel, especially if Traeger is an old model grill. You will access the fuse by removing the plastic cap and inspecting it visually.

Thus if the fuse is tripped, you may see black smoke residue in the glass vial. Then you might need to replace the destroyed fuse and check if the grill works. You may fracture the connections between the boards and fuse when operating the older Trager models.

It is wise to disassemble the fuse carefully or replace the whole thing when the fuse is faulty.

Inspect the Cables

The internal cables would be faultily preventing the appliance from turning on; it is better to inspect the cables visually. The cables are zip-tied in a bundle underneath the hopper, and you can access them through the controller cut-out. The cables might be protected by the grill under the hopper and are least likely to be damaged.

Unfortunately, bugs may find their way to the grills if you leave the grill in an outdoor kitchen. Bug bites on the internal cables may impact power transmission. You should inspect the cables for pest infestation and look for bites.

You will unzip the ties to access the cables and avoid cutting the plastic insulation around the cables. The cables might be intertwined, and you should avoid pulling them by force; thus, if they look damaged, you can replace them, but if they are in good condition, you can replace other faulty components.

Check the Controller

The controller might be the most expensive component to replace in the grill but it is an essential component that controls the auger, hot rod, and fan. Thus it plays a vital role in the electric transmission and the functioning of the grill; it acts as the brain of the Traeger grill. So if the controller does not work, the whole system will fail.

The controller replacement from the stores might be expensive, and you can buy one from the Traeger store for about $100. The replacement part might have a warranty, especially from the official website.

However, you can buy similar controllers in the local stores for less than $100, which may void your warranty. Thus, it is safe to buy from the official stores when your grill is still under warranty, but you can opt for the store-bought controllers when the warranty period is over.

When replacing the controller, please turn off the grill and unplug it from a power source. Then remove the three cables from the old controller and install new ones. The controllers are keyed and would fit one way; thus, you should be careful with the connection.

The controllers have a tab that keeps them from being uncoupled, and you may need a pair of pliers to pull the old controller from the cable plug.

You will use a screwdriver that unhooks the temperature probes from the old controller then install them into the new controller.

You would remove the components one at a time and fix them into the new controller to ensure they go into the same position as the new controller. Therefore, after installing the new controller, you can plug the grill back into the power source and turn it on.

Disconnect and Check the Pellet Grill Components

Sometimes you might turn on your Traeger grill, and it works, but when the smoke settings are on the grill, it turns off. When the grill does this, one of its main components might be faulty. Thus, removing the control panel and the hopper cover may be better for testing the different components.

You may need to test the auger, motor, induction fan, hot rod, and temperature probe. Each component relates to specific connector cable colors. For instance, the power cable is black, the induction fan is orange, the auger motor is red, the hot rod igniter is purple, and the temperature probe has green connector blocks.

You should ensure all these grill components have secured connections and no loose connection prevents the grill from working as expected.

Corrosion on any of these wires may cause issues preventing the grill from working optimally. If the components appear functional, plug them in one at a time, turn on the power, and set the dial to smoke to check if the control panel goes off.

You will need to replace a specific component if there is an error message on the control panel when the specific component is plugged in.

Replace the Faulty Traeger Components

After testing each component, you might find some faulty ones that need replacement. Faulty components will likely cause the control panel to display errors or blow a fuse when grilling food. You should replace each faulty component to ensure the grill works as expected.

  • Replace the induction fan

The fan provides the air needed to burn the wooden pellets in the combustion chamber, and when it is faulty, your pellets will not burn and release smoke into the cooking area. The Traeger fan is cheap to buy and easy to replace. You will remove the bottom panel and make the easy change by laying the grills on its side.

  • Replace the auger and motor

Rainwater that can get into the hopper might impact the auger and motor; as the grill pellets absorb the water, they may expand and jam the auger. You may need to unjam the auger, replace the destroyed one, and back it up on the control panel. Then insert a new fuse into the control panel to ensure the new auger is functional and will last for a long time.

  • Replace the hot rod igniter

If the hot rod igniter fails, the grill will not fire up; you can try cleaning the pellet grill. However, if the grill does not fire up after cleaning the pellet grill, you would replace the hot rod igniter. If the firepot is faulty, you can replace the rod igniter and the firepot.

  • Replace the temperature probe

The temperature probe on the Traeger grill will work unless there is a bad connection; however, you may need to replace it if it does not work with a secured connection. Non-functioning temperature probes might make it challenging to regulate the internal temperatures in the grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Traeger Not Turn On?

Your Traeger grill may not turn on when the power source does not provide sufficient electricity to turn the grill. Moreover, it may happen when the internal components are faulty. The controller auger, fan, and hot rod may impact the Traeger, especially if faulty.

How Do I Repair a Traeger Which Does Not Turn On?

If the Traeger grill does not turn on, you will start by inspecting the power source to ensure a sufficient power supply can turn the appliance on. Then inspect the internal cables to ensure they are functional and fix any component which impacts the grill.

You may need to replace the controller, temperature probes, hot rods, augers, and fans.

What Role Does the Controller Play in Turning the Traeger Grill On?

The controller acts as the grill’s brain and controls the most critical components such as the auger, hot rods, and fans. Thus if the controller is faulty, it will automatically impact the grill, making it difficult to turn it on.

Should I Buy the Replacement Components in the Local Stores?

When replacing the grill components, you might be tempted to buy them from the local stores at a fraction of the price. However, if the grill is under warranty, replacing the broken parts with store-bought components voids the warranty, and it may be better to buy the legit replacement parts from the official store.

You may use the store-bought spare parts if the warranty period is over.

Should I Replace the Broken Parts at Home?

You can replace the grill parts at home when you are knowledgeable, but since the replacements may need screwing and unscrewing components, you would ask for help from a professional. Sometimes you can ask for service from customer care, especially if the appliance is under warranty.

How Responsive is the Traeger Customer Care?

If your Traeger does not turn up, you can consult customer care to respond to customers effectively. If your appliance does not turn on, you may visit their official website or use their customer care numbers to reach for support.


Although Traeger creates practical and durable appliances, you might find different faults. Thus, what will you do when Traeger won’t turn on? You need to inspect the power source, the cables, and the internal components.

The controller may be the brain that controls the auger, heat rod, and fans; if it has an issue, it impacts the whole appliance. Thus, it is wise to find any faulty components and replace them to enjoy seamless cooking. Finally, you can consult Traeger customer care to find the best solutions for a grill that does not turn on.

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