Nexgrill vs Char Broil – Which is the Better Grill?


Choosing between Nexgrill and Char-Broil propane grills might be challenging as both brands are effective for BBQ, affordable, and built to last. These grills might be popular in the grilling section in most big-box stores and online platforms.

You should find a propane gas grill that meets your needs during camping, road trips, or family meetings, as good food creates memories. You can use this detailed Nexgrill vs. Char-Broil comparison to choosing the best product which suits your needs.

Nexgrill Overview

Nexgrill has been supplying the best outdoor and indoor furniture and cooking equipment since 1993, and it traces its roots to California. Nexgrill initially created cast iron products, heaters, and stainless steel supplies before venturing into home cooking appliances like propane grills.

It produces high-quality yet affordable propane grills. The grills are slim and would fit into your car during the road trip. However, you would go for the larger Nexgrill models that suit your kitchen if you plan to buy an indoor grill. You would go for the five burners or four-burner grills, large enough for a big family.

Nexgrill cooks healthy food using propane combustion gas and wood chips, which provide smoky flavors to your food. The grill offers a revolutionary way to cook, and you would choose the wood chips, which go well with different foods to achieve the best aromas and tastes.

The gas burners have knobs attached, making it easy to control the heat on the cooking surface. Effective temperature control is suitable for cooking different food types, as some food may need slow cooking at low temperatures, while others may need high temperatures. The Nexgrill propane grills have side tables which hold the serving platters during the grilling process, making them ideal for outdoor cooking and camping.

All their grills are made from stainless steel thus would withstand the harsh climatic conditions in the outdoor spaces. The grills will not decay, corrode or rust over time, making them worth the investment. Cleaning these appliances is easy as you rinse them off with a hosepipe and wipe them clean or let them air dry.

Most of the Nexgrill models have a unique and attractive design, and no matter the model you settle for, it would complement outdoor dining and camping. The grill will add aesthetic value to your Instagram-worthy photos if you love taking quality photos.

The Nexgrill grills would be appropriate when you are concerned about energy consumption, as they are 96% energy efficient.

The energy consumption figures are on the Energy label on the packaging, and reading the energy consumption guidance might help you understand how your appliance will consume power. However, you should not worry about energy, as the company meets the strictest energy standards.

Nexgrill is quick to adopt the innovation in the grilling industry, and you would be using an appliance that meets current technology advancements. For instance, the grill is made of non-stick and weather-resistant resin. The cooking surface is 3X patented with the long anti-rust handle, which keeps the heat away when cooking.

The Nexgrill grill is fitted with a grease tray that catches the food’s oil drippings. Some grill brands have an infrared heat system and a cook tabletop with a dual-zone burner; one side cooks the food and another for searing. Thus, you will get the best results every time you use Nexgrill to cook your food.

Its cooking grills are made of porcelain-enameled cast iron, and stainless steel prevents rust formation and food poisoning. The cast-iron cooking grates distribute the heat on the Nexgrill cooking surface and promote better heat retention.

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This cooking surface is easy to clean, as you can season and clean them to maintain the natural non-stick surface, which is essential for cooking healthy food.

The Nexgrill grills are built to last as they have heat-tolerant stainless steel burner tubes powdered-coated steel housing, which protects against corrosion, rusting, discoloration and damage due to the high heat. These grills are sturdier, and the burner produces the optimal heat needed to cook different food types.

You will not go wrong with the Nexgrill as the infrared burners in the new models are easy to light, and the knobs are user-friendly; they are easy to use. You will monitor the internal temperatures with the iGrill system using an app on your phone. You might control how well done you want your meat and adjust the temperature as needed.

Although Nexgrill produces cheap grills, the price may depend on the chosen model. For instance, the entry grills may cost $40 while the high-end grills would be about $300. Therefore, you will find a grill model which meets your budgetary needs.

Since all the grills are created to last longer, you can easily buy one within the suitable price range based on your budget. However, it may be wise to look at the Nexgrill features and save money to increase the budget when buying an appliance to find one with the desired characteristics.

The grills have different features which provide a range of grilling options, and the grills would be perfect for your home kitchen and camping if you are willing to spend some time marinating the appliance.

Pros/Cons of Nexgrill


  • Nexgrill models offer powerful cooking.
  • The ignition system is quick.
  • Nexgrill grills are easy to assemble.
  • They have a large cooking space.
  • They are portable; suitable for road trips and camping.
  • Don’t produce flare-ups portability.


  • The BTU on the four Nexgrill grills may not be as powerful as expected.
  • Most models lack the built-in thermometer.

Char-Broil Overview

Char-Broil is among the trusted propane gas manufacturers and hails from Columbus, Georgia. It has manufactured kitchen appliances since 1948; you would not go wrong when choosing its products. The company has acquired other notable grill brands in the market and owns Oklahoma Joe’s, Dancook, and Saber grill brands.

Char-Broil makes the best appliances, the patio’s best addition, and comes in different styles and sizes to suit your kitchen.

The entry Char-Broil propane gas grills are suitable for family dinners and are designed to meet your cooking needs. These grills are high-tech and can adjust the internal heat in a few minutes, taking the guesswork out of grilling. You may choose the high-end Char-Broil grills for commercial cooking as they offer the efficiency you would need in a restaurant.

Char-Broil cooking grates are cast aluminum with a porcelain coating. The aluminum distributes heat evenly in the alliance, making it easy to achieve uniform cooking. You can quickly sear food on the grill and eliminate the excess fats leading to a healthy meal.

The porcelain enamel coating may resist chipping and cracking, reducing chemical leaking. The grate coating may add durability to the Char-Broil grills and provide non-stick surfaces ideal for cooking different meals. The porcelain makes it easy to clean these grill models and reduces grease buildup on the cooking surface.

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Char-Broil is long-lasting, and the company offers a five-year warranty showing its commitment to creating high-quality products. The grill construction ensures they withstand high temperatures due to heavy-gauge steel on the firebox and grill lid.

It withstands the harsh conditions in the outdoor kitchen and camping sites. If the Char-Broil grill develops a manufacturing flaw within years covered by the warranty, the company will replace the appliance with another new one, especially if the damage does not point to damage from overuse and trauma.

Char-Broil grill has an easy-to-use hinge design. The lid will open 180 degrees, making it easy for the grease to drip away into the charcoal grate. Your appliance will burn away the grease thoroughly as you cook, increasing efficiency.

Some Char-Broil grill models might have two burners with individual controls, making it easy to use them. You might control the grilling heat on the left and right independently by reducing or increasing the cooking surface heat.

Char-Broil grills might be pricey, but this might be attributed to the features and ease of use. For instance, you would find the basic Char-Broil grill models at about $200 to $400. The high-end Char-Broil grills would cost more than $500.

You should consider these grills since the inexpensive grills do not last. These premium grills are heavy-duty and would suit a commercial kitchen and your home kitchen.

Pros/Cons of Char-Broil


  • Char-Broil grills have impressive BTUs; cooking power of about 60,000 BTU.
  • Char-Broil have side shelves to hold the platters and spices.
  • Easy to clean; you would disassemble it for deep cleaning.
  • They have a large cooking surface.
  • They have storage cabinets.


  • Char-Broil manual might be challenging to understand.
  • It may not produce enough heat as the four burns don’t have powerful BTU.

Differences Between Nexgrill and Char-Broil

Nexgrill GrillsChar-Broil Grills

The Nexgrill tubes are made of copper.

The tubes are made of aluminum.

They perform best at the 3600 – 5300 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range.

They perform best at 1800 – 2800 degrees Fahrenheit temperature ranges.

The cleanup process is straightforward.

You may need to invest your time to clean the grilling appliance, as you would need to take off the side burners, grates, burner tubes, and drip trays.

They might be heavier but are well suited for outdoor kitchens and camping.

They are lighter than the Nexgrill grills.

Nexgrill vs Char-Broil: Which is Better?

Choosing between the Nexgrill and Char-Broil grills might be challenging as each grill has its advantages and limitations. Thus, choosing the grill that meets your needs may be better; you would consider their features, design, heat products, prices, and portability.

The Nexgrill and Char-Broil grills might have more similarities than differences; both are American brands and offer different models to meet consumer needs. Both grills have large cooking spaces suitable for hosting a party and come with side tables to place the serving trays.

There is no answer for the best grill; you would buy one which meets your grilling needs.

The best Nexgrill grill models have a stainless steel body infrared grill with innovative touch technology and are easy to use. You can monitor the internal temperature with the built-in temperature control and select different heat temperatures to cook different foods simultaneously on the grill.

On the other hand, the best Char-Broil grills offer larger cooking surfaces and have burners that are easy to control independently. Therefore, you can choose one of these grills as they are excellent for family fun and commercial kitchens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nexgrill a Good Brand?

Nexgrill is a good brand as it offers different grill models which are durable and come at an affordable price. You may choose the Nexgrill model with the stainless infrared grill and smart touch technology for seamless cooking.

You can cook different food types on the Nexgrill to lower the temperatures to facilitate slow cooking or increase the temperatures to facilitate searing and high-heat cooking.

Are Nexgrills as Good as Weber?

Nexgrill grills are as good as Weber. Although Weber is among the renowned grill brands, Nexgrill offers competitive features similar to the Weber grills. Therefore, you would purchase the Negril at a lower price and enjoy similar features as the Weber grills.

How Long Does Nexgrills Last?

Nexgrill lasts longer, and the company offers a five-year warranty which shows its trust in the products. If the grill has a manufacturing flaw within these five years, Nexgrill will replace it as long as there is no evidence of trauma and overuse damage.

How Long Should a Char-Broil Grill Last?

Although you may feel like changing the grill quickly due to style change, the Char-Broil grill will last for more than 5 years. You may need to replace it after fifteen years, but the grill models will last for an extended time with proper care.

Are Char Broil Grills Made in China?

All Char Broil grills are now made and assembled in China. Though Char Broil grills have a long history of being produced in the United States, they did join the outsourcing trend some time ago, with their entire manufacturing process occurring in China now.


Choosing the best grills between Nexgrill vs. Char-Broil might be challenging as both grill manufacturers understand customer needs. Their prices will not dent your wallet, but they function properly for family or commercial kitchens. You can consider their ease of use, durability, budget, design, and technology.

Although these two grill brands have some similarities, they have other differences, and you may need to research the brand to find one that meets your needs. Good luck finding the grill which meets your needs.

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