Rec Tec vs Camp Chef: The Best Grill for Your Money


You need a quality pellet smoker when hosting a party or family gathering. Unfortunately, finding the right appliance can be daunting. While at it, you need to consider known brands like Rec Tec vs. Camp Chef, which offer high-quality appliances.

This pellet smoker comparison and the difference will help you choose the appliance which meets your needs.

Rec Tec History

The Rec Tec smoker pellet manufacturer produces affordable and superior kitchen appliances. Cundy and Ray Carnes started the appliance company in 2009 and specialized in producing outdoor wood pellet fueled grills. These cookers provide a consistent temperature and better airflow than the conventional charcoal grills.

Although the manufacturer might be new, it has implemented changes in the past years. For instance, it has rebranded its name, all in the lower casing. The ‘q’ added to the brand name stands for product quality, and thus the new products are forged to meet your lifestyle.

The lifestyle brands adopted by the manufacturer identify the wood pellet grills in a way it meets the consumer values, attitudes, and desires of a given social subculture. This will meet the grilling enthusiasts’ needs as the grill performs well compared to similar grills.

Moreover, the manufacturer has entered a partnership with Kingsford Company which produces charcoal briquettes and wood pellets you would need for the grill. Norwest Equity Partners is another added consumer to the Rec Tec product portfolio. The company is a middle-market investment firm that works closely with new startups such as Rec Te. It supports business models and demonstrates the ability to generate profits.

The financial company shows a tremendous ability to work with high-growth businesses, and their inputs into the wood pellet grill company will improve man agent and innovation funding.

The smoker pellets are made of high-quality material that meets consumer needs. It produces high-quality products and innovative products which meet the cooking needs. Although the manufacturer is still new in the market, they have grown, and its product range has increased over time.

Today, you will find the proper at-home pellet smokers from the manufacturer.

Rec Tec emphasizes quality and price, and they as their business philosophy involves creating products that meet your needs. The company manufactures pellet grill appliances that will last longer; moreover, the company offers a valid warranty. You should return any appliance that has a manufacturing flaw for repairs.

You can quickly cook the food of your choosing on the Rec Tec wood pellet grill as it is easy to manage its internal temperatures using a temperature probe. You should use the manufacturer manual to find tips on extending the product lifestyle.

Camp Chef History

Camp Chef wood pellet grill manufacturers are passionate about outdoor cooking, and their appliances are meant for cooking during camping and road trips. The grill will make it possible to share good times with others around the fire in the mountainsides or backyard.

It specializes in culinary manufacturing and is committed to bringing beefy flavors during barbecue. Ty Metasoma founded Camp Chef in 1990 as he was frustrated by the outdoor grills and culinary quality. Thus, he invented a portable and powerful wood pellet grill that meets everyday camping grilling needs.

The company grew and became a camp-cooking industry pioneer with griddle and grill box attachment manufacturing. The company creates different cast iron pieces and pellet grills. The Camp Chef modular cooking supports different menu options. You can grill burgers, bake pizzas, and cookies on the wood pellet grill.

You can smoke a brisket and sauté vegetables as the possibilities are endless. You will make the most memories around the campfire, and the grill will bring the best moments to life. Moreover, the company manufactures economical and high-end products, and you would choose ones that meet your needs. 

Camp Chef specializes in producing affordable and quality products that meet your grilling needs, and you will find the pellet grills that meet outdoor grilling. The products are innovative and have slide and grill plates and side attachments, making grilling easy.

What is the Difference Between Rec Tec and Camp Chef?


Both grills are built adequately as they are created to meet outdoor grilling. However, Camp Chef has high-quality constructions that do not quickly deteriorate with exposure to the outdoors weather. The mainstream build is powder-coated with a stainless steel lid.

On the other hand, Rec Tec offers the next-level; build, as you would be getting more than the stainless steelpans, improving rust resistance and durability.

Rec Tec and Camp Chef grills are designed to last a lifetime, and you will hand them over to your children; this is a sound investment that meets your grilling needs.

The grill has firepots, making cooking easy, with heat reflectors that prevent heat loss.

The stainless steel grates are non-stick and will make cooking enjoyable. Moreover, the grill has a drip pan and smoke cap, improving your grilling experience. Its ignitor rod is made from ceramics; thus, it cannot rust or corrode physically.

Rec Tec claims its grills have never experienced a firepot failure. The grills are made with a modular approach meaning you can easily place the individual component into the assembly reducing the chances of encountering accidents.

Temperature Range

You can set the Camp Chef grills between 160-500 degrees Fahrenheit in a 5 degrees increment. This temperature range is effective for a pellet smoker as it lets a chef cook almost anything on the grill. The slide and grill technology makes it possible to bump up the heat 650 degrees Fahrenheit for direct flame grilling.

This feature might be a bonus, making grilling possible. You can grill at 500 degrees Fahrenheit; although this might not be ideal in the long run, you would use its open flame.

On the other hand, Rec Tec offers about 200-500 degrees Fahrenheit temperature ranges with the 5 degrees increments. A lower temperature setting gives room for extra smoke in your grill. To heat the grill, you would use a full set to bump the grill a bit hotter.

This high heat will cook different food types but is not the same as the indirect heat, leading to a flavor, sear, and crust that you can get from an open flame.

Temperature Control

The temperature control is essential, as the temperature range and the Camp Chef and Rec Tec claim their grills will provide adequate temperature control.

However, it would be wise to use PID controllers as they take charge of maintaining a steady temperature and offer the tightest temperature control suitable for cooking different foods on the grill. The PID is used in the breweries and bakeries to maintain optimum temperature.

In steady grilling conditions, you should control the internal temperatures of the wood pellet grills. Thus, if the grills got your back, you would not need to worry about inconsistent temperature when cooking different food.

Cooking Space

Different Camp Chef grill models have 20, 24, and 36 inches; thus, the smallest grill will give you about 502 square inches of cooking solace, and the largest will be 1236 square inches. The largest Camp Chef grills will have the same features as the small and medium-size grills; thus, the cooking space would only set the grills apart.

Rec Tec has four different sized-pellet grills which have the same features. Thus if the cooking space is an issue, you would go for the large grills with almost the same features as the smaller grills.

Pellet Hopper Size

The hopper size might depend on how big the grill is; you may get a ten-pound small pellet grill. However, the small Rec Tec grills will weigh 20 pounds. From there, the grill’s hopper size will increase with the size of the grills.

The pellet hopper might last for hours of slow and low cooking time from one pond of pellets. When you increase the combustion temperature, the pellet usage will increase too. The smoker might need a larger hopper when cold since more fuel is required to achieve the desired results.

Fortunately, Rec Tec has more giant hoppers, and you would choose the grills if you plan to barbecue on the grill for a continuous time. However, both brands don’t have pellet cleanout features, and there is less space for moisture to get into your appliance.


Rec Tec offers six years of warranty on the grills; the company believes you will use the grills and hand them down to your loved ones. Although the warranty might not be extended enough, the six years show the company’s commitment to the manufacturer of high-end grills.

Camp Chef has a three-year warranty which is not bad as other grill manufacturers offer the same warranty duration.

Additional Features

The brands are innovative grills that can connect to your Wi-Fi, making it possible to manage food without staying close to the grill. However, Rec Tec has stainless steel meat probes that help monitor the meat in progress, and Cam Chef has four of these meat probes.

Additionally, the Camp Chef has an excellent system that selects the smoke level independently. It makes it easy to choose the smoky flavors you would infuse into your meat. Both grill manufacturers offer appliances with effective grease management and cleanout systems, making cooking and cleaning effective.

Rec Tec vs Camp Chef Comparison Table

ComparisonRec TecCamp Chef
WarrantyIt offers six years of warranty.It offers three years of warranty.
Pellet hopper sizeThe pellet hopper is a bit large.The pellet hopper might be slightly smaller.
Cooking spaceIt has a larger cooking space.The cooking space is a bit smaller.
PID temperature controlIt has industry-leading PID temperature control.It has an effective PID control.
Temperature controlIt has the best temperature control.It has reasonable temperature control.
Build-upIt has the best construction.It offers solid construction.

Rec Tec vs Camp Chef: Which is Better?

Choosing between Rec Tec and Camp Chef might be challenging as both grills have advantages and limitations. Both grills have the best construction, ensuring they last for an extended time in outdoor spaces.

However, Rec Tec would be the ideal camping grill as it has the best construction, has an extended warranty, offers the most significant cooking space, and has a larger pellet hopper which means you would use the grill for an extended time without worrying about flinging the pellet hopper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rec Tec Grills Worth It?

Rec Tec grills are worth it. Although they might be more expensive than Camp Chef grills, they have competitive features such as an extended warranty. They have effective temperature control, cook different food types, and are well built to last in the outdoor kitchen.

Can You Grill Steaks On A Rec Tec Grill?

You can grill your steaks on the Rec Tec grills on low and slow heat; the appliance has the best heat control, making it ideal for cooking different meals.

How Long Does It Take A Rec Tec To Heat Up?

It may take about 10 minutes to heat the Rec Tec grill, especially if you want to preheat it before placing your meats and other foods.

What Is Riot Mode On Rec Tec Bullseye?

The riot mode allows a chef to seafood at a high temperature; the riot mode might be at about 749 degrees Fahrenheit and sear the proteins in the direct flame, thus helping one break down the proteins at high temperature.

Can You Fit A Brisket On Rec Tec Bullseye?

You can place the brisket in the Rec Tec Bullseye, especially if you want to achieve a uniform searing. In this mode, the grill breaks down the proteins in the brisket.

How Long Does It Take To Smoke A Brisket Rec Tec?

Your brisket might take 8 to 10 hours of cooking on the Rec Tec at 235 degrees Fahrenheit grill temperature and 165 degrees internal meat temperatures.


Finding the best outdoor grill is challenging as many grills are on the market. You may consider the grill price, especially if you have a tight budget. However, Rec Tec and Camp Chef grills are among the competitive grills in the market. They are built for camping and are least likely to rust.

Moreover, they are innovative and utilize internet connection to monitor the food while cooking, and its price is fair. Both have a good warranty which makes them worthy of your money. However, you should read more about each grill’s advantages and limitations to find one which meets your needs.

Good luck finding a grill that will work well for your outdoor kitchen.

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